Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Critical CO2 Extractors

 Both Critical CO2 and Jim Durward are  victims of an anonymous RipOffReport extortion scam attempt  and despite the harm this is causing, we will not succumb to the  demands being made by the extortionists.​  Critical CO2 Ltd. produces supercritical carbon dioxide extractors used to extract essential oils and associated compounds from plant material. We know we produce a great  product at a fair price and we have the lab results to back it up.  Following are examples of  what customers have to say about the extractors:

               "Real cask-strength stuff..." - ZP, England
​              "...awesome product" - BF, Alberta, Canada
               "feels pure" - IA, B.C. Canada

According to the following reports, RipOffReport is either directly responsible, or complicit in the  scam.  (click on any box for a video link):

60 Minutes
Fox News
ROR exposed
How the ripoffreport scam works

Ripoffreports is a scam that  has critically harmed many legtitimate businesses.


If you are seeking a personal-scale, best-value, state-of-the-art CO2-based extractor, please  contact  or telephone